Can you extend the length and quality of your life?

If you are wanting to stay on top of your game, personally and in business you are probably asking yourself this question. And if you are starting to notice body aging processes creep in and slow you down the question becomes even more pressing? It can seem like a race against time, can’t it?

How are you going to continue to perform and to implement your big business goals and achieve those tantalizing bucket list items you are hankering after? Ask yourself now if it will actually be possible to successfully achieve your dreams and desireswithout an energized and pain free body and without a  clear sharp mind?  Perhaps you are feeling that you just have to accept the downsides of an aging body as unavoidable and surrender to its effects on your life … and yet … why drop into helplessness and surrender when you have worked hard to set up businesses and create professional abilities and experience?

What you say to yourself matters

If your body is beginning to slow or your mind becoming less clear and incisive these are early warning signs of the aging process … think aching bones and joints, lapses of memory, accumulating fat around your middle and flagging energy and libido.
From the age of 40 years on, most of us humans start a slow and gradual decline in our physical and mental functionality. Yikes, I hear you say! However, the good news is that the sooner you adopt preventative strategies the more opportunity you have to slow that downward trend or plateau it.

There are 3 main areas to focus on to increase both the length of your life and the quality of it.

  • Reshaping belief structures: to a large extent the way we talk to yourselves and the paradigms that we run determine where we will end up.. Reshaping on this level is a great journey of self discovery and development.. Perhaps you are feeling that you just have to accept the downsides of an aging body as unavoidable and surrender to its effects on your life. Have you been told to just accept that you are getting old and that these things like “senior moments” are “normal”? And yet … why drop into helplessness and surrender when you have worked hard to set up your life, your family and your businesses? You can and do need to change paradigms that surrender you to aging to pursue the vision of your own agelessness.
  • Out with the toxic habits and in with the health maximizing ones. This is a shift to “regenerative health” where your current levels of health and well being are not just sustained, they are regenerated to new and more robust levels. This incorporate evolving a lifestyle and a set of habits that both puts less toxins into your body and also gradually and gently clears old toxins out.
  • Use key nutrients, plant based medicines and nutritionally dense foods to clear/reduce the effects of degenerative diseases of aging, boost immunity and healing processes to improve long-term mental and physical functionality

And, while I don’t claim to know it all, in my long career as a Psychologist and well-being expert  I have helped many clients and  students transform their physical and mental alertness & their quality of life and so I can say with clarity that it can be done.  

It is said that we teach what we need most ourselves

Indeed, my own life journey to health and well-being has been challenging and varied. It started early in teenage life and has continued through all the stages of my journey as a woman.   Positive outcomes have come from my deep resolve to create my own well-being destiny in the face of sometimes discouraging medical assessments.  I am a creative problem solver and have explored, researched and successfully used many rejuvenation solutions and strategies. I am in my mid 70’s now and a product of the methodologies that I have refined over a lifetime of clinical practice and personal health journey.  I have most likely been in your shoes at some time in my journey and personally know many of the aging issues you may be facing right now.  I faced early menopause issues, rapid bone density loss, arthritis, joint pains, hepatitis, gall bladder issues and to top it off worrying gaps in memory function and bouts of depression.  Sometimes I felt that things were out of control and I was sliding helplessly into old age yet I baulked at the beliefs we are too often told about aging and refused to surrender to many of the cultural paradigms about aging – after all there’s always solutions and ways to create a brighter future!

I now run 3 demanding businesses, including a small farm that requires a lot of hands on physical work from me.  In my mid 70’s I am indeed one of the vibrant ageless women and loving the journey.   

I walk the talk daily.  You can too! Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead can take the fast lane to a rejuvenated ageless you that loves the skin you’re in. Check out the 6 week road map program: Ageless You – Rejuvenate

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Jenna Ford


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