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How to cure acne and get clear skin

No More hiding away! 

Its easy to be distressed at having acne, breakouts of pimples or psoriasis? Hiding your face and not going out to meet friends or avoiding social gatherings and parties all because you are ashamed of having blemishes, pimples and red rashes on your face and neck? Continually hiding your acne spots under thick layers of cover-up and makeup that only contribute more to blocked pores and worsening acne?

Cover make up
Tired of covering up?

It’s no fun hiding away because you have acne, psoriasis, or other skin eruptions.  

You may have already tried many of the so-called miracle acne cure creams and got only temporary results.  You may have used dobs of skin coloured pimple-shrinking creams that usually don’t hide the fact that you have pimples and just prevent your skin from breathing properly.  On the eve of that special social event, have you ever come up with yet another breakout of your skin rash?  If so, then you know how distressing and frustrating the search for a real solution to the problem can be!

Imagine boosting your popularity rating with friends and workmates when you can finally greet the world with a smile on your face. You will certainly be able to do that when you follow these 7 x proven steps that will lead you to renewed confidence in your skin and your looks. 

Did you know that there is a big secret that no one selling face creams, skin masks and cleansing scrubs tells you about your skin?    Knowing this secret is key to creating the clear complexion that you want so much.

Let’s get this secret outed first up!

Revealing this secret will bust myths and lay down the basics hacks that you will be able to use to create the long-lasting clear skin you deserve. And do this all easily, in the comfort of your own home by using natural ingredients in these step-by-step daily routines used over a 30-day period. You will be able to learn how to take control and to banish acne to create what you are after – clear, healthy, glowing skin.

You might think that you need to apply specialised commercial acne creams.  Be aware that most of these products come with a hefty price ticket and give only temporary respite from unsightly skin eruptions.  You may have been told by a friend, a health professional or a beautician to just to put a dehydrating chemical solution direct of your pimples to dry them out and that this will certainly give you a smooth and clear skin.

You may have been promised long lasting results from complex scrubs and facials marketed widely by big brand names who are sprucing their glossy products as an expensive one step solution to your distressing skin problem.  None of these promised solutions and smartly advertised creams and scrubs will get you the long-lasting results you are after, and the reason why is that they simply do not address the underlying basic principles of how your whole body works.

They neglect to explain how your skin works, what its function is and how understanding that function opens up a clear path that shows you how you, yourself can create your own clear glowing skin. 

Did you know that your skin is, amazingly, the largest organ in your body? One of its prime functions is to pass toxins out of your body and cleanse the body systems and it does this via the hair follicles and skin pores.  Think salty sweat, body odours, skin flushes and rashes.

Sometimes when your body has a lot of toxins and waste to eliminate it does that job intensely and quickly by resorting to pushing up sores, rashes and eruptions like boils, pimples, acne, carbuncles, and psoriasis.   A smart branded quick fix acne cream is only just that – a quick fix. It does not get to the cause of the problem.  It is merely a surface remedy and a band aid solution to skin issues.  

Skin care marketing promises are usually targeted at immediate gratification and repeat business and not at the long-lasting solutions you will want to achieve. The very basis of success in gaining clear and glowing outer skin is a clean, healthy and glowing inner body. Beauty pills and potions do not tell you how important this is as a basic first step in achieving those lasting solutions to difficult skin issues.   Why would they?  Revealing that doesn’t repeat sell their product, now does it?

Read how one girl, Stephanie, learned about this secret and went on to change the way she took care of her skin and her inner health.

One girl’s story of success

When Stephanie came to see me, she could barely make eye contact and wore her hair long and hanging down covering half of her face.  Perhaps you also know what it is like to try and hide skin eruptions and pimples behind hanging hair, or a hat or by just averting your face from others and not making eye contact.  It can be hugely distressing to imagine that everyone is looking at your pimples and skin rashes and thinking what bad skin you have and the fear of being rejected deeply damages self-esteem and confidence.

I have been a practicing Psychologist for twenty-five years and Stephanie was a new young client of mine who had come to talk with me about her depression and anxiety.  She clearly had a lot of things that were worrying her not least of which was a severe case of acne which she was trying to hide behind her hanging hair. We spoke of her lack of self-esteem and her fear that no one wanted to be her friend because of her bad acne, and she cried when relating her history of loss of friends, cruel comments, and her increasing need to hide away at home in the safety of her room.  She spoke also of the many creams and treatments she had tried, most of which gave only temporary relief and no long-term change to the problem.  Her acne was a huge problem for her, as it also is for many people, be they female or male.

I understood much of what she was feeling on a personal level because I had also been through the acne debacle as a teenager and had suffered from skin eruptions on my face whenever my life had excessive stress and worry in it.  The shame and distress had been deep. I had stopped attending many parties and gatherings when my skin was at its worst. 

Use natural remedies that cleanse and heal your body.

I was fortunate to have grandmother who had grown up in an era when home remedies and simple clever use of plant medicines were the go-to solution for healing many health and first aid problems. In fact, living rurally, these home remedies had often been the only ones available.

Grandma’s resourcefulness and understanding of the causes of acne and skin rashes was what laid down the basis of a simple daily program that I used, as a teenager to treat my distressing acne and to eventually find the path to creating clear and glowing skin.    Fortunately, also, my psychology practice was based in a multidisciplinary clinic where my professional colleagues regularly shared their knowledge and skills to develop treatment plans for their clients.  

Combining the ageless wisdom that my grandma had shared with me all those years ago with the leading edge healing strategies used by my clinic work colleagues I was able to work with Stephanie and coach her through a healing program that quickly resolved her acne and established a daily routine that has successfully maintained her clear skin long term.                                                         

That was a huge win for Stephanie and motivated me to develop a simple practical program that would work well for both women and men and that could be done in the comfort of the home.  The program aims to establish new health habits and a proven path to banishing acne and pimples long term.

Check out my Clear Skin e-book as a practical guide to step you through to clear skin in 30 days. No more being out of control and suffering from skin eruptions that always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient of times! Simply, clear, and glowing skin so you can live your life with renewed confidence and a smile that wins friendships.

What’s included?

7  Powerful yet simple daily routines

 Key tips: Industry secrets, what causes acne and how you can easily take back control

30  Day habit changing step by step program

  One Page Easy Clear Skin Record Keeping Sheet

  Clear Skin Food List 

Affirmations to support your changed mindset

I’ve refined these simple key daily habits by trial and error over my lifetime and come to understand how they can give lasting results to solve the acne and skin problems many of us have experienced.  The promise of a lifetime of healthy glowing skin rests with these simple daily habits. 

The 7 key daily routines all use deceptively simple everyday ingredients that are in your pantry or easy to get at a supplier close by.  The simple processes will quickly get you what you’re wanting: clear and glowing skin that wins smiles and approval from yourself and from those around you.    

The bonus is that these same routines also lay the basis for a longer, healthier life and a strong immune system.

How good is that!

I’ve kept it simple as SIMPLICITY is key to being able to maintain any routine. Simplicity is also important to easily gaining immediate improvements.  The routines will give you quick rewarding wins that keep you motivated and on track.,  But that is not enough. As a Psychologist I know that you also want lasting results and a lifetime of that clear complexion you deeply desire.

To do this you ABSOLUTELY need to break any old habits currently holding you back.  You’ve probably heard the saying “old habits die hard”?  Whilst that is true, I will also assure you that life’s habits that are no longer serving you CAN be broken and replaced with new habits that get you where you want to go.  Therefore, I say, you yourself create your new skin and truly you will do that using this program.

It will take a week to see tangible results, however, it will take 30 days to achieve a change of old habits and set in place new habits that will give you those long-term results.  So, very importantly, this program paces you through the habit breaking 30 days of using these simple routines so that you can get to your goal …  glowing clear skin and the simple basic life habits that will underpin it for a lifetime.

Remember to love the skin you are in!

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