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    Both honeys are delicious and authentic manuka honeys derived from Leptospermum plants native to both countries.

Questions & Answers

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Whether you are in USA or Australia or elsewhere on the globe  you can shop our Manuka - click through to our products on this link to Our Manukas page.  If you are living in USA we deliver out of Amazon USA and if you live in other countries we will deliver from Australia and apply the relevant standard Australia Post fee for this service

The potency of the active  components in  manuka honeys break down very slowly over time and exposure to  sunlight accelerates this process so honey sellers often use amber jars.  At By Buzzz we use clear jars so you can see the  consistency and rich colour of the honey you purchase.  We freight to you in shock proof cylindrical boxes so no light touches the jar.   Best way to keep your honey once you receive it is in a cool dark cupboard or in the  box it comes to you in.

Manuka honeys rated under 356 MGO (12+ NPA) are great taken daily for boosting general health and wellbeing, for colds and flu, for building immune system strength and, topically, for  first aid, wound healing and skin care.  Manuka honeys rated above this are best  used for   more severe infections and as an antibiotic.  Do not use these strengths for everyday use and, as with a course of prescribed antibiotics, also consume  foods to rebuild your gut bacteria/biome if you are using stronger manuka honeys frequently. Check this out in more depth via the link to our library of scientific papers and articles.

honeys work gently on soft skin.  Manuka Honey has additional phenolics in it that ward off infections,  reduce inflammation and skin redness. Try a small amount on the rash and if you are happy with the result continue.   By the way, it is recommended that you not feed honey to children under 12 months of age, but topical use is fine.