Our Story 

We are all about regenerative health

It’s no secret that we are entranced by the world of bees and honey!

However, our story runs far deeper than our quality healing Manuka honeys and it deep dives into the amazing world of fungi and plant based medicines AND into re-empowering people to be informed and confident in maintaining  or  improving their health and the health and immunity of their family.

With over fifty years of exploration, research and study into not just healing honeys, but plant based medicines and traditional natural health modalities, our Founder, long time Clinical Psychologist Jenna Ford is passionate about “re-generative  health”.  After all, it comes down to providing customers  with the best well researched means to take control of their own healing/wellness process and to accessing our suite of  quality products to help facilitate this.

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What's the WHY driving the By Buzzz story? 

Many of us in Western societies have become uncertain or confused about how to rebuild our health when it has been compromised. Sadly, it seems we have lost touch with the long traditions of healing available to us in earlier years and so we often abdicate  personal responsibility for choosing and managing our individual health journey.  Many of us head straight to our local doctor for assistance and follow that medical practitioner’s  recommendations without question.

A Western medical practitioner is only one of a number of health professionals who are highly skilled in their disciplines.  They are great at what they do and we are blessed to have our current health systems, however, we have also wandered into a place where options are now in short supply. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine being confident that you have the information and resources to re-generate your health and boost the health and immunity of both yourself and your loved ones. We absolutely do have such deep resources available to us if you know where to look and who to ask.

It’s vital firstly that all of us have access to a diverse range of health practitioners. However we also need to research our health issues and medicines deeply ourselves, to collect a range of information and recommendations and then to sit down to consider all of these inputs.  Do weigh up the information you collect, check in with your body and then take personal responsibility for choosing the path forward that fits your individual health needs.

How do we do this?

If you have lost confidence in your ability to understand and implement the habits and strategies that will pull you out of illness and poor health then act to change that.   We aim to provide a channel to help that self managed re-generative health happen.  We are here to help with that process with information sheets, programmes, product and blogs.

Bee patient with us

We are pushing ourselves right now to deepen the range of resources and product we can offer you.  Some of these resources we generate ourselves and others we offer you from time to time will be well researched affiliate links.

Right now it is critical, especially faced with the challenges in our current world, that we do reconnect with diverse traditional medicines as well as our Western medical system to access a wide range of knowledge and opinion that will give us choices and multiple possible solutions.

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Does  By Buzzz give back? Absolutely! And so do you.

Our By Buzzz brand deeply values truth in labelling, transparency and activism around sourcing and packing chemical free products. Our Manuka’s come from local beekeepers who always practice bee friendly hive management. Support our branded honeys or plant based medicines and you strengthen our network of ethical suppliers and  beekeepers and play your bit in helping to save the bees and provide them with safe places to forage and live their humming hive lives.

A portion of the profit we make goes back to help replace bee hives lost in the last year’s bushfires and  most recently the flooding of bushland apiary sites.   How cool is that!


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Here's what some of our customers are saying about us

From the moment I opened the parcel, I was wowed! Absolutely beautiful packaging, which I will be recycling because it is far too nice to throw out! The honey is so pure, so clean and smells divine, it is obvious it is of the highest quality. Thank you for such an amazing product and the fantastic customer service. I would highly recommend By Buzz Manuka Honey to anyone. Majella Sunshine Coast Australia (from email May 2020) 

Best Manuka on Amazon! This is my second jar of this honey. I’ve tried many others but none compared to this one. It’s thick, delicious, and it feels like it’s healing. It helps me with sore throat, and I even tried it on a rash on my arm and it cleared up pretty quickly. I like that they put a batch code on it so I can see the link to the labs. Which for me is a guarantee that it’s true Manuka. And the price is outstanding, usually Manuka honey at this quality is much more expensive. And I’ll probably be getting a third bottle in the very near future. Cleves (Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2020 - Verified Purchase)

Hello, I absolutely love your honey.  I have tried many different brands and yours so far is my favorite. I put it in many recipes and drinks and it’s just amazing. The flavor is so much better. Just made my second purchase of many to come. The jar I buy lasts me about 1-2 weeks.  Thanks,  Jessica (sent from iphone 12 April 2021)


From the flower to the honeycomb, from the comb to the jar: the bees, the beekeeper and By Buzzz all taking care to bring to you the best honey we can.

- Jenna. Founder, Buzzzonline.