Manuka Honey 100+ MGO 17.6 oz (500gr)


Jumbo  up to this 500 gram jar of Australian Manuka Honey.  It’s 100+ MGO and best used daily for improving health, energy and immunity. Use topically as well as first aid for wounds, burns and rashes.

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UNFILTERED and NATURAL:   100% Australian Organic Manuka Honey in JUMBO jar – MGO 100+, NPA 5+ (UMF), Non-GMO Raw Unpasteurized Healing Bio-active Honey Superfood, LFACTOR 18+ in a 500 gram BPA free PET jar.  Authenticity is important – our Manuka honey has been certified by the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA).   At By Buzzz, we focus on transparency on our honey labels – we offer you our laboratory batch tests. Check the batch potency ratings and purity tests of your purchase, so you can be certain you’re getting the best! This is organic honey and whilst not certified it is chemical free and lab tested as such. Manuku honey pure and simple!  MULTIPURPOSE MANUKA HEALING HONEY: This is raw honey Superfood that’s unfiltered and unpasteurized. It’s active honey. Premium, luxurious medical Manuka honey has many benefits to enrich your life! Go healthy and build immunity, wellness, and promote energy. Use it as a face mask for beauty or for first-aid for cuts, ulcers, wounds, acne, ulcers. It triggers the skin’s renewal process to heal burns or psoriasis.  Truly nature’s gold.

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