Manuka Honey 100+ MGO 8.8 oz jar (250 gr)


Taste the sunshine in this raw Australian Manuka 100+ MGO. It’s is a great healing honey for everyday use. Non GMO, tested free of chemical pollutants and additives

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MULTIPURPOSE MANUKA HEALING HONEY: 100% Raw Australian Organic Manuka Honey NPA 5+ (UMF) MGO 100+ LFACTOR 18+. Non GMO Bio-active Superfood, Certified Australian Medicinal Honey for Skin, First Aid, Food – Unpasteurized Monofloral Honey 250 gram BPA free PET jar. This is raw honey Superfood that’s unfiltered and unheated. It’s active honey. Go healthy with this premium healing Manuka honey which has many benefits to enrich your life! Build immunity, wellness, and promote energy. Use it as a face mask for beauty, first-aid for cuts, ulcers and wounds. It can help treat acne, ulcers, and triggers the skin’s renewal process to heal burns or psoriasis. It’s also a First Aid honey for pets! It’s nature’s gold for them.

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