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  • Manuka honey 5+ UMF
    Manuka Honey

    Manuka Honey 100+ MGO 17.6 oz (500gr)

    Jumbo  up to this 500 gram jar of Australian Manuka Honey.  It’s 100+ MGO and best used daily for improving health, energy and immunity. Use topically as well as first aid for wounds, burns and rashes.

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  • Bulk Manuka honey
    Prepper's 1 kilo

    Prepper’s One Kilo

    Prepper’s Special.   Premium raw 100+ MGO Manuka at wholesale prices.  This is our premium raw manuka honey in plain one Kilo pails.  Buckets are food grade buckets and are easily stackable/storable.  NOTE: This product only ships in Australia  excluding Western Australia. No overseas freight available.

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