Manuka Honey 250+ MGO 8.8 oz jar (250 gr)


In the face of bushfire and flood know that each purchase you make helps Aussie beekeepers and Aussie bees continue doing what they love … making pure Australian Manuka honeys for you. How cool is that!

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UNFILTERED and NATURAL: Our 100% raw 10+ NPA (UMF) Manuka honey has been certified by the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA).  Authenticity is important to us.  We focus on transparency on our honey labels and we offer purchasers our laboratory batch tests. Check the batch potency ratings and purity tests of your purchase, so you can be certain you’re getting the best! This is organic honey and whilst not certified it is chemical free and lab tested as such. Manuka honey pure and simple!

PRESERVING PURITY: To sustain the purity of our honey it comes in food grade PET jars. This ensures you will always have the best results when using this manuka honey on your skin or in your food. For best results, keep stored in a cool, dark place. No need to refrigerate!

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