Creamy Manuka Honey 100+ MGO 8.8 oz jar (250 gr)


Taste the creamy caramel tones in this creamy Australian Manuka 100+ MGO. It’s is a great healing honey for everyday use. Goes really well in your favorite herb teas.  Non GMO, tested free of chemical pollutants and additives

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Creamy style Australian Manuka Honey  100+ MGO NPA 5+ (UMF) is a non GMO, raw, unpasteurized bio-active superfood.  All batches are certified by the Australian Manuka Honey  Association (AMHA) as genuine manuka honey.  We have aerated this batch of our honey to a semi creamed consistency using a process similar to New Zealand’s Manuka honeys.  The consistency and opacity of our creamy Manukas contrast the naturally clear appearance of the other Manuka honeys in the By Buzzz range.  Now you can choose which style of  Manuka honey you prefer: clear or creamed.

MULTIPURPOSE MANUKA HEALING HONEY: use daily both internally and externally.  Balance your gut, build health, boost immunity or just enjoy its robust taste.  Its a great First Aid go-to:  clear up skin rashes, acne and psoriasis, heal wounds and burns or use as a versatile beauty face mask for nourishing  and smoothing your skin.

It’s also a First Aid honey for pets! It’s nature’s gold for them.

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