Our Manukas

Australian MANUKA Honey

Honey is one of the bounties of nature.  Thanks Mother Nature!  Nectar forms in blossoms bathed in sunshine, fed by rain and healthy soils. It’s foraged by bees as food for their colony and brood. It’s golden and pure like sunshine and now we invite you to taste this sweetness and nourishment in our special honeys

ByBuzzz Australian Manuka honeys are sourced from the East Coast of Australia from healthy bees foraging in pristine coastal bushland.  Our beekeepers run small to medium size  family businesses, love and care for their bees and the country in which they operate. Healthy bees give us nutrient dense, pure raw honeys untainted by agri-chemicals. We  bring you a boutique range of Australian Manuka honeys to support the health and well being of you and your family.

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How to use Manuka honeys


  • A spoonful a day to build immunity and general wellness. Take for colds and flu, gut health and as a daily energy boost
  • Potent Manuka honey works antibiotically and in fact the UMF rating system is based on measuring how swiftly Manuka honey kills Golden Staph bacteria. Check with your doctor in cases of bacterial infection before using
  • Drizzle on toast, yoghurt, muesli and into your favourite teas
  • Helps make a great smoothie even better for you or spoon it into your favourite recipe instead of white sugar


  • Use topically as a first aid treatment for cuts, insect bites, abrasions and wounds
  • Manuka honey triggers the skin renewal process so is excellent for burns, acne and psoriasis
  • Treat ulcers, bed sores and inflamed wounds to cleanse, clean and heal them
  • Kills dental plaque
  • Diluted in water it makes a soothing eyebath for inflamed or sore eyes
  • Include in your beauty routine as a key ingredient in a revitalising face cream or scrub
Manuka honey 5+ UMF

From the flower to the honeycomb, from the comb to the jar: the bees, the beekeeper and By Buzzz all taking care to bring to you the best honey we can.

- Jenna. Founder, Buzzzonline.