Zoom Coaching Session with Jenna

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In this 1 hour ZOOM  session you can discuss with me your specific Ageless You questions and what  support you need specifically to reinvigorate your life – physically, emotionally and mentally.  We can focus on your ideal outcomes and a personal  plan that will support you in getting there!

Let Jenna co-create a road map with you, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads and, instead, take the fast lane to a rejuvenated that Ageless You that loves the skin you’re in.

Your body, mind and spirit work together. Why separate out into separate  disciplines what in real life is woven so wonderfully into you, the whole person?  Let’s work in a combined approach approach to wellness, longevity and rejuvenation.  Jenna incorporates body energetics, psychology and plant based medicines into effective and practical ways that guide women on their own unique journey of rejuvenation.   We call the women who have worked with Jenna using these methodologies The Vibrant Ageless Ones.  And indeed they have the vigor and motivation to continue to truly shake their personal and business worlds.  Become one of them as you journey together. 💪 Jenna has a long career as a Psychologist and Women’s Wellbeing and Longevity expert  She has helped many clients and  students transform their body, their mental alertness & their quality of life with her holistic, often unique, yet always effective approach to long term health,  well being and an empowering mind set.



2 reviews for Zoom Coaching Session with Jenna

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    I’ve worked with this woman before and she’s been a real catalyst in my personal change process. And now,finally,
    here’s a holistic approach to longevity and agelessness with a woman who definitely walks her talk. We’re so lucky to have her back as a coach for women! Grab a ZOOM meeting now. You absolutely won’t regret it.

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    Really, really helpful. I was feeling confused and uncertain about how to get back in control of all this aging stuff and needed someone to help me lay out a plan of action that would be achievable. Now I have that and next step for me is to act. I’m planning on doing the 6 week program so I can share that journey and have support from other women on the same path. Yeah!

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