EMF Protection

Clear Waves’ range of devices protect plants, animals and humans from harmful EMFs

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  • Area Patch

    Area Patch

    Protect your home and up to 200 metres around your living space from harmful EMF’s.  This device will protect you as well as the bees, birds and plants that surround you.  Area Patches have 8 layers and 336 modules of antennae in total. Protect yourself, your family and your whole property and te birds, bees and plants that surround you.

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  • Cord Bracelet

    Cord Bracelet

    On the go EMF protection a stylish bracelet with silver encased patches on a secure leather thong. The band is adjustable and also comes in sizes suitable for adults or children. Similar to our silicon bracelets, it has It has 1 patch of 4 layers with 8 modules of antennae on each layer (32 in total) giving strong protection from harmful frequencies.

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  • Protective Pendant

    Protective Pendant

    Place your wearable EMF protection over your Heart Chakra with an stylish pendant on a secure silver surgical steel chain. Similar to our bracelets, the pendant has has 1 patch  4 layers and 32 modules of antennae giving strong protection from harmful frequencies.

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    Protective Silicon Bracelet

    Silicon Bracelets

    Carry this personal EMF protection on your body wherever you go.  Safeguard your children when they go out to areas where EMF radiation is high. Protective bracelets hold 2 patches, each with 8 layers and 64 modules of antennas – 128 antennas in total working to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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  • Universal Patch

    Universal Patch

    Neutralise the harmful EMF effects created by your mobile phones and devices.  Protect your family when they are on their devises with a Universal Patch on each device. Use in your fridge to extend shelf life of food!  Universal Patches have 4 layers and 16 modules of antennae.

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  • Wi-Fi Patch

    Wi-Fi Patch

    Protect your home and office spaces from harmful EMF’s emitted by our wi-fi and devices.  This patch will protect you as well as others around you.  Wi-Fi Patches have 4 layers and 335 modules of antennae in total to protect you.

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